Beginner Full Ironman Training Schedule


2.4 mi Swim | 112 mi Bike | 26.2 mi Run

Finishing an Ironman triathlon is no small task.  It is not something that can be done with just a few weeks of training and it is crucial to properly prepare for many months.  Without a consistent training plan for Ironman, it will be impossible to reach your potential and it may even make it impossible to finish the race.  In order to prepare for an Ironman triathlon, a triathlete needs to train their body to withstand a full day of intense activity, their digestive system to digest nutrients while moving, and their mental state to withstand the ups and downs of 12 hours or more of racing.  If you are looking for a beginner Ironman training schedule, here is a great place to start.

Ironman Training Program

by Scott Herrick

This training plan is written to prepare you to finish your first Ironman. While it is just a beginner’s plan, the hours per week start at a significant 8 hours and quickly move up to 15-18. You should already be consistently training 8-10 hours per week before beginning and ideally you should have completed some Olympic distance races in the past season and a half Ironman race would be even better.

While it’s definitely possible to finish an Ironman with fewer hours per week or fewer days per week than what you see here, I wanted to present a plan which emphasizes consistent buildup of hours to make your race day more enjoyable and less of a day of Swim-Bike-Walk.

While this article lists specific daily workouts, I realize that every athlete has specific strengths, weaknesses, available hours, and other restrictions. Hopefully, you can adjust this plan to fit you well enough. If not, you might want to find a local coach to fit a plan to match your specifics.

Ironman triathlon training program

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